In Matthew 28 Jesus gave his disciples the great commission: Go tell everyone what I’ve done. The normal pattern of the early church was to plant churches. That is how they advanced the gospel. Paul said in Ephesians 3 that it was through the local church that God would make the gospel known to the world. The local church is God’s plan A, there is no plan B. We want to partner with others to plant churches all over the world as we seek to spread the fame of Jesus in Fayetteville, North Carolina, near other military bases, and to the ends of the earth. At least 10% of our budget goes to the planting of new churches, and our staff also uses a portion of their time to bless, develop and resource other church planters. We plant churches at Veritas. You know what’s cool about that? If you go through covenant membership and become a part of the family at Veritas Church, that means YOU plant churches!

Below you can find a list of the church planting networks we are a part of and the church plants we are currently partnering with.


Village Belfast – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Village Belfast is an Acts29 church in Northern Ireland being planted by Lucas Parks. Lucas is also the Acts29 Network Director for church planting in Ireland and through his this relationship we hope to plant many churches in Ireland over the next 30 years.


The Bridge Church – Wilmington, NC

The Bridge is a church planted in 2014 in Wilmington by a team led by Ethan Welch.


Mercy Church – Charlotte, NC

Mercy Church is a church being planted in Charlotte, NC by a team led by Spence Shelton out of Summit Church in RDU.


Church Planting Initiative - Southwest China

We have a family that we are helping to send to Southwest China to be a part of raising up church planters among unreached people groups. Due to the nature of the work, and for safety for the family, we cannot list the exact location or names.


Veritas Church is thankful to partner with the following networks.

Acts29 is a network of churches that trains and supports church planters. We partner with them by resourcing their organization and mobilizing men to plant churches through the network.

Fellowship Associates is a church planting and leadership development organization with the mission of spreading the gospel through healthy, influential churches. Our lead pastor completed their lead pastor residency.

Leader’s Collective helps churches, pastors, and church planters sustain healthy, fruitful ministry so they — through Jesus’ Church — can advance the gospel throughout the world.