At Veritas church we believe that Christ has gifted his body with many members to aid the health of all. If you are a part of a Community Group, you will know that the first line of care happens within community. Your Community Group Leader would love to help with any issue you might be facing. If he or she decides it would be best to defer counseling to one of our pastors, a pastor will step in to ensure that you are well cared for. If you are not a part of a Community Group and have need of pastoral counseling (other than a medical condition), we would love to talk to you and help provide you with a biblical framework for dealing with your concern.


Counseling with a pastor about anything from persevering through a season of spiritual dryness to rooting out deep-seated patterns of sin.


If you would like a Veritas pastor to officiate, you must be a covenant member, participate in Veritas’ pre-marriage course, and request a pastor no later than 5 months from the date of your ceremony.


Walk with a trained couple through the Prepare/Enrich couples counseling tool to prepare for marriage or help your marriage look like what God intended for marriage.


Thirty minutes and a cup of coffee a with a pastor from Veritas Church. If you have questions, concerns, or encouragements, we are all ears!


If you or a loved one have been hospitalized, don't hesitate to call on our church body for assistance. We encourage you to ask your Community Group Leader for prayer and support. If you are not in a group, you can contact the church for further assistance with a hospital or home visit.


Before requesting assistance, we ask that you first bring the need to your Community Group. We pursue and live out gospel-centered community through groups and hope that you reach out to your closest community in times of hardship. If you still have further need for benevolence, fill out the Benevolence Application at the link below. After filling it out we will contact you to schedule an appointment with a staff member. This individual will provide guidance and give you further information about what assistance the church can provide.