Names are important. What they communicate is important, and Veritas is no different. Veritas is the latin word for “truth.” The name Veritas is an integral part of the mission of the church for us, and we would like to take the opportunity to answer the question: Why the name Veritas?

Our Society is Searching for Truth

It’s no secret that our society is searching for truth. Men and women spend their lives and resources trying to find meaning, belonging, and acceptance. There is truth, and Jesus is the truth. We want to, from the name of the church to the preaching and teaching at Veritas, communicate that Jesus is the truth people are searching for.

Jesus is the Truth

In John 8, Jesus tells his followers that they will know the truth and that the truth will set them free. In John 14, he expressly states that he is the truth. There’s something unique going on in the language in John 14. Jesus doesn’t state that he is true (an adjective) he states that he is THE truth. He uses truth as a noun.


Latin is an old language; it’s nothing new. We aren’t the next new thing. Our desire is to be a church rooted in traditional evangelical Christianity.  We preach the same message that Jesus died for and commissioned the apostles to preach some 2000 years ago. We just seek to communicate this traditional message in a way that is contextualized to our culture and that engages the culture in a relevant way.