One interesting fact about me:

During my Junior year of high school I worked three jobs; I was a gymnastics instructor of 2 year olds, a softball umpire, and a sales associate at TJ Maxx. I didn’t do this because I needed the money, but because I didn’t like wasting time! I always needed something to do, so why not work?

What do I do here at Veritas: 

I am the Administrative Assistant, so I (try to) keep the office, John’s schedule, and Veritas events running smoothly.

How did I learn about Jesus:

I was a church kid. My mom was diligent in surrounding me with information and activities that would lead me to relationship with Jesus. Although I had all of the information that I needed in order to have that relationship with Jesus, I did not come to know Him until my last years in high school. God used a faithful woman, Susan McAlister, to speak truth into my life and show me that I was misusing the knowledge that I had gained during my upbringing. Instead of leading me to life-changing relationship with Jesus, the things that I learned in church were leading me to a life of rule following and guilt. I am forever grateful for the time, prayer, and gentle encouragements from Susan. 

My favorite expression or phrase: 

So, I found this one thing on Pinterest… 

My favorite cup of coffee: 

I am a sucker for hazelnut macchiatos. Yum!

You will never see me without: 

Snacks! I always have some apples, protein bars, or cashews in my purse. I guess that I am just terrified of going hungry!

My favorite verse: 

My favorite verse changes from season to season, but I have been spending a lot of time in Psalm 51 lately. I love that King David wrote this Psalm in a place of brokenness and repentance over his own sin. In that moment, David was intimately aware of his need for the Lord’s grace, and I think that awareness is beautiful.

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