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At Veritas, our passion is to equip the body (you) to fulfill the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12). It takes a lot of people to make Sundays work at Veritas and we need all hands on deck. We need folks who will help with parking, greet folks as they walk in the door, help first time guests get connected, help set up before the gathering and tear down after, help to make sure production and audio/visual goes smoothly, help our kids meet Jesus, and folks who will ensure everything is done in a safe and secure way. 

There is a place for you! 

If you consider Veritas your home, we ask that you jump in and serve in some way. Everything that we do is for the fame of Jesus and serving is no different. By serving, you are helping people to meet Jesus.  

One of the things you’ll hear over and over again as you continue to hang out at Veritas is that the gospel creates family. By the grace of God, we have been adopted into the family of God through the sacrificial life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The local church is an expression of that family. We want to operate as a family at Veritas. In a household everyone has chores. There is stuff that has to get done around the house for things to continue to operate smoothly. Veritas is no different, and we need you as a partner to jump in and serve with us so that other folks can hear the life-changing message of the gospel: Jesus in our place.

Amazingly, aside from biblical church leadership, biblical preaching, and practicing baptism and communion, there are very few direct instructions about how a church must be run in the New Testament. Instead, there is one pervasive theme: Christ-followers should be active, life-giving partners of their local churches.

The goal of all of our service teams is simple: We want to remove barriers to people hearing about Jesus.

We want to challenge everyone who considers Veritas home to take a step and get involved in serving in some way. We’ve listed all of our service teams below and want to challenge you to begin serving on one of the teams.


Are you good with teaching kids? Or can you help keep kids from coloring on the walls? VeritasKids is always in need of more teachers and bouncers. VeritasKids workers’ biggest priority is pointing the kids to Jesus through lessons, through their interactions with them, and through prayer for them. If you are interested in serving in our VeritasKids program, our check-in table, or helping out in the nursery, email Emily Ruth Perry at:


Setup/Teardown is a team of volunteers that work together as a unit to setup, manage, and teardown everything in the sanctuary during Sunday service. They arrive before the service starts to get everything ready for Sunday worship, stay afterward to breakdown all of our equipment, and store it away to do it again the next Sunday. To get connected with the Setup/Teardown team, email Stewart Scott at:


Are you more technically minded? Several people are behind the scenes at every service, adjusting the lighting, adjusting the sound, and advancing the slides. All of these are crucial roles that, if they are handled well, go almost completely unnoticed. We call these guys AVL Team (Audio, Visual, Lighting). Also, we have a plurality of bands at Veritas that serve the congregation by leading them in singing during corporate worship. If you would like to join a band or join our AVL team, contact our Creative and Worship Pastor, Jacob Warren, at:


The very first faces that greet our new guests are those of our first impressions team volunteers. The first impressions volunteers serve our new guest by placing signs, helping our visitors safely park and greeting them as they find their way to our corporate worship gatherings. Team members also open doors, answer questions, and all-in-all help newcomers and old members feel at home. To get connected with the first impressions team, email Scott Keen at: jscottkeen@gmail


The Usher Team helps to run Sunday morning services by overseeing seating, communion, and giving. If you are interested in serving on this team, contact Cheryl Gaskin at:


We know that there are many at Veritas who feel that they cannot be consistent enough to be on one of our service teams, but each team needs a list of people that could substitute in situations where there is a need. Joining our sub list does not mean that we expect you to serve every time there is a need. Rather, if you are free to lend a hand, we will welcome the help! If you would like to join a team’s sub list, email Jacob Warren at: