To be a church for the city, for the military, for the fame of Jesus. 


Love God. Love People. Advance the Gospel. 



Through his word, God has made the truth known to us. In John 8, Jesus tells his followers that they would know the truth and that the truth would set them free. In John 14, Jesus expressly states that he is the truth. Veritas is all about the truth of Jesus. We are a “pillar and buttress of the truth.” (John 8:31-32John 14:6John 17:171 Tim. 3:15)



We all worship something. We all give our time, energy, and resources to something. We believe that there is nothing more worthy of our lives than the passionate worship of God, through Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Veritas engages and equips people to worship God with their entire lives. This is fostered by the corporate gathering of the body of Christ and happens primarily during the weekend gatherings. We gather to celebrate the gospel through preaching, singing, celebrating baptism, communion, and the giving of offerings to support God’s work at Veritas. (1 Cor. 10:31Col. 3:1-17)



We were created by community for community; therefore, we intentionally gather in authentic community at Veritas. We are a people who are transparent, who learn together, who celebrate together, who walk through trials and suffering together, who are on mission together. We are a people who do life together for the glory of God. (Acts 4:32-361 Cor. 12:12-31Heb. 10:24)



The explosive growth of the Church described in the New Testament happened, by the power of the Spirit, because of intentional leadership development. Jesus developed leaders who then developed other leaders. Jesus set the model; we follow it. Our desire is to raise up leaders who lead passionately in their unique contexts, leaders who lead well in their homes, in their work place and in their communities, leaders who plant community groups and churches all to spread the fame of Jesus. (Mat. 28:18-20Luke 6:12-13Luke 10:1-242 Tim. 2:2)



Jesus commanded that we be a people on mission. God’s mission is to reconcile all things to himself through Jesus, and at Veritas, we gladly join God in this mission. We accomplish this primarily by equipping and planting people who are on mission in Fayetteville and across the world. (Mat. 28:18-202 Cor. 5:16-21)