We  gather on Sunday mornings for worship at 9a & 11a at Freedom Christian Academy off of Highway 301 near downtown Fayetteville.

9a & 11a Gathering

Freedom Christian Academy
3130 Gillespie St.
Fayetteville, NC 28306

Where do I park? HOw do I Get to the Auditorium?


When you arrive to Freedom Christian Academy, you will see a crossing officer between Hwy 301 and Gillespie directing traffic right beside some Veritas Church road flags. Take the entrance past the side of the school and park in the back of the building where there is a parking lot for families and guests new to Veritas.

From there you will see a sign on the rear entrance of the building pointing you towards some large, black exterior doors. Once inside, you can check your kids into VeritasKids at the counter directly in front of you. To the right of the entryway, you can find most of the Veritaskids classrooms and the bathrooms. Finally you can enter the auditorium where we worship or get information about Veritas Church at our connect table to the left!



Sunday mornings are fairly casual. We strive to be a "come as you are church." Some folks wear gym clothes; some folks dress up. You have tattoos...let them show! Rather wear a suit? Rock that thing with pride! You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and you'll fit right in. 

We sing a mixture of old hymns (with contemporary music) and songs written recently. We sing about Jesus, spend time in corporate (all together) confession and reflection, and listen to biblical teaching that is engaging, practical, worshipful, and gospel-centric. 

You can hear most of the songs we sing on our Veritas Church Hymnal Playlist here.

You can get a feel for how we preach and teach from the bible by listening to one of our sermons below.


We have a safe and gospel-centered environment for kids (infant-4th grade) during our gathering. This isn't babysitting for us. Your kids will hear about Jesus, sing about Jesus, and be prayed for every week.  


At Veritas you can expect to see followers of Jesus, doubters, and seekers alike. We want to be a place where you can be honest about who you are.

It's okay to not be okay...It's just not okay to stay there.

There are no perfect people. Jesus is the only perfect person, and we exist for his fame. From old to young, new follower to seasoned saint, Veritas is made up of many different people from varying backgrounds who are united by one great savior.

If you need any additional information about joining us for a Sunday Gathering, email our Creative and Worship Pastor, Jacob Warren at: jacob@veritasfayetteville.com