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Summer Band Auditions

Hey guys its time for band auditions again! If you are gifted musically, willing to learn and ready to serve Veritas then you may want to consider trying out for a Vertias band on Sunday August 3 after the service.

We will hold auditions in a traditional manner where you join the band while playing your part and/or playing your instrument. Evaluations will be shared at a later date. If you would  please fill out the survey at the link below for relevant background information and it will act as your RSVP to the band auditions!

The song for this band audition is Come To Me (The Village Church feat. Lauren Chandler) song and chord chart below. 


C     F        C
Weary burdened wanderer
G        Am       F   C              F   C
There is rest     for thee
C       F         C 
At the feet of Jesus
G       Am    F    C      G   Am   F    C   |    G   Am   F    C
In His love   so  free


C       F          C
Listen to His message
G        Am     F      C         F   C
Words of life, forever blessed
C        F       C
Oh, thou heavy laden
G       Am  F        C               F   C
Come to Me, come and rest.

         Am       F          C
There is freedom, taste and see
 G        Am    F       C
Hear the call,  Come to Me.
      Am      F       C
Run into His arms of grace
             G                   Am   F    C    |   G   Am   F    C   
Your burden carried, He will take

C         F        C                      G        Am    F    C     F   C
Bring Him all thy burdens,               All thy guilt   and sin,
C       F        C       G    Am      F     C     F   C 
Mercy’s door is open,    Rise up  and enter in.


C         F          C   G    Am       F   C              F   C
Jesus there is waiting,  Patiently    for thee,
C        F        C           G     Am    F       C  
Hear Him gently calling,     [Come, oh,   come to Me.]  rpt 3x




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